you have fruit punch mouth
no one asks for their life to change, not really, but it does


Chloe and Clark being dorks as usual at New York Paleyfest on October 19, 2014

That’s life on the Hellmouth.




I think I understand Quidditch more than I understand football.

I know I understand quidditch more than I understand football.

See, I’m not even sure which football you’re talking about.

Don’t have that problem with quidditch.


At the Supernatural 200 episode party! The flowers in my hair are for you Tumblr <3


i’m constantly torn between wanting to watch new shows, re-watching old shows and attempting to have a life that doesn’t revolve around shows


really this was one of the greatest episodes of OUAT so far. And this was the best line.

Can’t a woman wreak a little havoc without there being a man involved?

Anonymous asked:
Can you recommend some great blogs?
booshmanic replied:

There are too many to mention, but some of my faves are:

bijane, bufflehalloween, cordeliaburkle, danielosbourne, ladysummers, lisathevampireslayer, slayerliam, sparklehorsettes, spikebuffy, sulietsexual, thisyearsboy, wesleywyndams

zoe you are a total sweetie :) <3


so i was going to wait til 5k followers til i updated this but hey i was impatient and i had some free time so here it is!

each one of these blogs is truly worth following and behind these urls are some of the loveliest people on this site

i follow nearly 800 great blogs so i had to show some restraint so my apologies to everyone else!

(i am 101% sure there are incredibly wonderful people missing from this list and that’s either down to url changes, or my own stupidity!)

*runs to you all through a field in slow motion while epic music is playing*

♥ the chosen baes 

abadoomglassesanddreads, lolitaliferisachan, kind-of-evil-no-offense, skyejemsspookyslayer 



akahades , alefbet1228alexfry01alwaysthecrazyoneannesteeleantoinestriplettanyachristinaavenqcrsbangeldollflywinchesterblondeybearbooshmanicboredn0w, buffyofwinterfelldemondeaneddoll-frakking-house, ezriela fairytalesam, fuckyeahjosswhedon, hallowsoldier, janesfoster


laurencedominicleoth3lionlordstark, lovelyosborn, loveveronicas, lucreziatargaryenmarshmallow-the-vampire-slayer, mikespeterson, mishatargaryenmorgainependragonnikii-the-slayerette, oncemorewithwalkers, princessofthehellmouth, pryiaspooktang, ratherbeinsunnydale, ravenclawpianist, redalader


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lovelyosborn asked:
What are your top three comic book movies and why?


avengers - i love the marvel cinematic universe (i think we all know that) and it’s cast is flawless and JOSS FREAKING WHEDON, so it has the writing and directing that i know and love.. plus there’s lots of cool expolosions and superheroes and some (although not enough!) wonderful female characters. i am so so so excited for AOU

guardians of the galaxy - this movie was incredible -  i honestly wasn’t expecting to love it when i first heard it was announced but the more info i had about it the more i got excited about it and i had no idea how hilarious the movie would be, how perfect the cast would be, and how awesome the soundtrack would be. after several years of the same few mcu characters having movies it was a welcome and refreshing change and i loved it

the dark knight - for years this was my absolute favourite movie, not because of batman cos he’s not that great tbh - but the whole story, the writing, the music and the supporting cast were great and heath ledger as the joker is an absolute masterpiece that gives me chills and makes you forget that this is an actor on camera

Anonymous asked:
I'm a guy and over the last year or so, I've come to realize that I'm bi. I more or less realized this thanks to one of my best friends, who is a gay man, and he's someone I've developed huge feelings for in the last year. We hang out pretty much every day together and he knows I'm bi, but I've never told him I have feelings for him. I want to tell him SO BADLY, but I'm afraid to because I don't want to lose that friendship if he doesn't feel the same way.

hey, sorry for the late reply!

yeah i definitely think that’s a tricky position to be in! it’s really hard to give any advice bc unfortunately it really is just a risk but i do think it’s important to be honest with someone about how you feel, but also i understand not wanting to risk the friendship

ultimately only you can make the decision to tell him or not and go with what you believe is for the best and what makes you happy :)

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